You're in the Right Place If

You are ready to make deep changes to alchemize your wounds into Love Wisdom to include: 

  • Turn Grief And Sadness Into Joy

    Align with your inner true nature of joy.

  • Turn Resentment and Anger Into Delight and Compassion

    When you align with deeper love you align with delight and compassion for life. 

  • Go From Stuck And Lost To Clear And Optimistic About Your Future

  • Go From Over Giving To Balanced Healthy Boundaries

  • Transmute Inner Shame And Blame Into Understanding And Wisdom

    The heart carries its own Divine wisdom. When you align more with self-love, you also align with the heart's inner wisdom.  

  • Be Set Free From The Fear That You’ll Be Alone Forever, Or Repeat The Same “Mistakes”

    So you can feel peaceful, calm and confident about your choices, and your worthiness.

  • Shift Loneliness And Abandonment To Feeling Complete, Empowered And Supported

    Even if you are single or are still in the process of a breakup or life transition.

It is your Divine Nature to be LOVE!

A gift from Mother Earth - Light Language


Voices from clients who experienced energetic and transformational changes.

Laurie K.

Monica Bermudez is a pure channeler of light language. The energies I felt were instantaneous and powerful. It truly assisted me in shifting my energies. I am grateful to her for sharing her gifts! 

Thanks again!

Sage Taylor Kingsley

I had the honor of receiving a Light Language Healing Transmission via Monica Bermudez, which was imbued with Fairy Energy. I felt the presence of a female blue fairy and received a sense of deep peace and wellness. Even the next day, I still feel incredibly joyful and uplifted. Thank you, Monica, and I can’t wait to receive more Light Language from Source through you! - Sage Taylor Kingsley,

Reiki Master & Hypnotherapist,

Laura B.

I had the privilege of receiving a mother wound light language energy healing from Monica Bermudez.  I felt the tremendous power of the energy flow through all my body.  While listening, I got images of my childhood memories and ancestral images to release trauma.  After listening for about a week, I feel transformed in ways that I am more peaceful, tranquil and calmer to be able to handle challenging situations in a more harmonious way.  It relieved an allergy that I've had since childhood, and I could not explain the cause after trying so many herbs, foods and medicines.  Through Monica's light language transmission, I became aware that this physical issue was due to my mother wounding.  I am truly grateful and love Monica's energy transmission.